The Detectair Vest is Clad in Environmental Sensors

 - Feb 7, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: fashioningtech & dvice
Detectair is an environmental vest that has built-in sensors to detect potential toxins in the air. When toxins are detected, the vest will launch its LED lights and vibrations to warn you of what you might be inhaling.

When Detectair warns you of the toxins, you simply have to pull the collar up above your face, covering your mouth and nose, to protect yourself from the harmful chemicals in the air.

Implications - This is the kind of product that will garner attention and interest from the media and general public in the new world we live in. Not only are there environmental concerns, but rising international political tension increases the importance and marketability of products like this. Do not be surprised if you see people in your neighborhood wearing one on a hot, smog-filled day.