INU INU's Dresses Reference Nostalgic Tech Imagery

 - Jan 8, 2016
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INU INU's desktop icon dresses are a wearable homage to nostalgic technology. Each garment boasts a simple top silhouette and pleated details that extend down from their waist.

The seemingly classic wardrobe staples are accented with desktop icon graphics and will appeal to daring fashion fans who grew up in the 90s. While Gen Z members have no recollection of retro computers, Millennials will be transported back in time at the sight of these fashions.

Known for apparel that references popular subcultures, INU INU celebrates nostalgia with this graphic dress collection. The online retailer's playful collection also references the recent resurgence of lo-fi digital art, music and cyclical technology that is viewed as eclectic rather than outdated.