This Powerstrip is Designed to be Showcased on Top of a Desk

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: SourceBlog
SILproducts, a small innovative company in the Netherlands decided to change the powerstrip design and make something fresh and good-looking out of it.

The world has changed fast. Laptops replaced desktop PCs and most people have battery-draining smartphones. Although these devices are convenient, it also means plugging and unplugging your devices several times per day. Of course, no one likes crawling under their desk to plug and unplug devices. Although there are several solutions on the market to have power on your desk, most are either inconvenient, ugly, or need gluing or drilling.

This is why SILproducts came up with a change. DesignSocket is an organic fashionable model with four connection points, two safe earthed sockets and two USB sockets for charging mobile devices. The strong clamp ensures a powerful fix to the desk. The product will be available with side earthing, pin earthing, UK 13 A and USA sockets. SILproducts will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to boost the development of the DesignSocket.