Design by Nature Interprets the Weather and Generates Energy

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: naolab
You could probably make several guesses about the function of Design by Nature, and it is likely that more than one could be correct. This cutting-edge concept contraption serves to decipher the weather, record it and communicate it. Its features continue, however, with the capacity to generate energy in an eco-friendly manner and to keep its own components protected from the elements.

Resembling the leafy fiddlehead of a fern, the device has a flexible spine that supports about a dozen fins that fan in and out. These are lined with solar panels for harnessing the sun's rays. The photovoltaic cells are delicate, so Design by Nature can curl itself up to shelter them during storms. Whatever the meteorological conditions are, the innovative Neolab concept would register them and behave fittingly.