From Woven Gold and Jean Fenton Necklaces to Denim Zipper Bangles

 - Jun 15, 2009
References: elle
Denim is oh-so-hot this season, and along with denim pants and jackets, it's no surprise denim jewelry is making its debut on the necks of style-savvy ladies the world over.

The denim jewelery featured in this cluster comes from various designers, kicking off with four denim and gold chain necklaces by Fenton. Also seen in the gallery is a jean bangle by M. Haskell, Denim, chain, and shattered glass cuff by Bella Dawn, Vintage denim gold-plated cuff by Zoë Chicco, chain and denim bracelet from Chanel, denim zipper bangle by Ted Rossi, Pyrite and citrine denim hoops by Johanne Mills and