'Bag's-Eye View' from Delta Airlines Reveals the Journey of Your Goods

To release its new 'Fly Delta' app for the iphone, Delta has created the 'Bag's-Eye View' video that shows what happens when one ships their luggage using a hidden camera suitcase.

In the Bag's-Eye View video, six cameras were placed inside the suitcase and holes were drilled so the cameras could capture the adventure from all angles. The bag begins by riding a roller coaster of conveyor belts before being searched by airport security. Unfortunately, the TSN search portion is blocked out so viewers will never know if little elves are rummaging through their belongings. The bag is then driven to the airplane and put into the underbelly of the plane until it reaches its destination. Once the plane has landed the bag is removed, then driven to a conveyor belt where it neatly comes out for passenger pick up.