The Deltaflore System is an Artful Way to Add Green to Your Home

 - Dec 31, 2013
References: pawlica-design & dornob
Many people argue that a lack of space is what keeps them from owning potted plants, but that argument is invalid when it comes to designs like the Deltaflore System. French designer Benjamin Pawlica has created a modular set of concrete panels with cutouts in them that can be used to grow plants. The panels can be arranged to form a small square, akin to a living piece of art, or can be used to cover an entire wall.

The cutouts in the Deltaflore System don't have a set shape, instead looking like little islands floating in a sea of concrete. While you can't exactly plant roses in Pawlica's design, you could probably fit a variety of vines, herbs and other small types of plants, adding instant greenery to your home without having to sacrifice a lot of space.