This Elegant Photography Series is Called Deep Black

 - May 29, 2013
References: benoitcourti.4ormat & enpundit
This elegant photography series from artist Benoit Courti is entitled 'Deep Black.' These stunning photos give off a peaceful vibe due to the black and white photography technique used and serene subject matter.

These captivating monochromatic captures cover a wide range of subject matter. The only thing these lovely photos really have in common is that they're all beautiful. One of these touching pictures focuses in on a woman reaching out of the darkness for a man's hand. The viewer can't see the woman's face but this gesture is beautiful. Another of these great shots captures a child's reflection as they prepare to jump into a puddle.

A few of these calming captures feature men and women tossing objects into the air. These pictures focus on the floating objects, so again the faces are hard to make out.

Benoit Courti's striking Deep Black photography series is moving and extremely peaceful.