Brilliantly Frenetic Art Pieces by Helle Mardahl

 - May 12, 2009
References: hellemardahl & laviolabank
"The Largest Possible Audience" is the fist solo exhibition by Danish artist Helle Mardahl in the US. The show is on at LaViolaBank Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Artist Helle Mardahl has a passion for creating visually excessive and overloaded pieces of art. The show features Mardahl’s amazing skill of mixing textiles and textures with beauty and decadence from her background in the fashion business.

With an incredible eye for details, color combination and graphics, and an overall voracious appetite for life, Helle Mardahl creates sculptural collages and paintings that are visually overloaded with sexual imagery, royal decadence and humor that bears references to our consumer society. I would love to skate across the canal for this one!

"The Largest Possible Audience" is on from April 29-May 30, 2009.