Dear Human 3D Wallpaper is Beautifully Made of Modelled Ceramic Material

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: dearhuman
The most common way to bring dimension to the flat walls of a room is to apply patterned wallpaper, but you probably haven't seen anything much like this Dear Human 3D Wallpaper. For one thing, it isn't paper; it's rather more like artwork that can be applied as an entire mural.

With Gudrun Tasting Room as a client, the studio came up with the imaginative idea to decorate with protruding motifs. Terracotta was chosen as a warm and tactile material, and it was sculpted into little crosses that complement the bar's bespoke glass partition. Dozens of the plus signs were screen-printed and arranged with perfect spacing through the cafe, brining texture to the cozy enclosure.

Dear Human 3D Wallpaper has also been made in a damask motif.