The Latest Dear Friends Lookbook is Featured on C-Heads

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: facebook & c-heads
Michal Cetera photographed Danuta and Karolina having a girls' night in for the latest Dear Friends lookbook.

You get to be a certain age, and suddenly slumber parties have become a thing of the past. Danuta and Karolina decide to recapture the free-spirited vibe of their youth by having a sleepover. The girls do all the typical sleepover things: order pizza, apply temporary tattoos, try on each other's clothes. Jump on the bed. Blow up balloons. Watch R-rated movies and giggle at the sex scenes. Crank call the neighbors. They do pretty much everything you delighted in doing as a thirteen-year-old kid because it felt clandestine and badass.

The featured Dear Friends collection is perfect for casually lounging with your best friend, reminiscing over the good old days.