This Deadpool Portrait is Made of Tons of Bullet and Shotgun Casings

 - Mar 9, 2013
References: heyoncley & laughingsquid
As far as comic book antiheroes go, you shouldn't need to look any further than this impressive bullet mosaic Deadpool portrait to know that he's the among most psychotic.

The gun-wielding, mask-wearing, katana-flinging antihero is immortalized in one fan's incredibly impressive bullet mosaic. Do you have a couple of hundred empty bullet casings and shotgun shells just lying around the house looking for a purpose? If so, than you can follow in the pioneering footsteps of Mike Oncley, who used 200 shotgun shells and 250 brass casings to make the image. The Deadpool portrait was made for MINTcondition, a Seattle based comic book art exhibit that runs through the month of March.

After the display, Oncley will be selling the signed Deadpool portrait mosaic through the Ltd. Art Gallery online.