The David Derksen Design ‘Transcience' Manipulates Mirrors

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: & blog.urbanoutfitters
If you’ve ever caught sight of one of those rustic-looking reflectors from the olden days that is distorted and discolored, the David Derksen Design ‘Transcience’ project harnesses a mirrors aging process and turns it into a dynamic decor piece.

Derksen collaborated with Lex Pott to create the mirrors that play on the idea of natural oxidation that occurs in odd or inconvenient spots. They instead used sulfur to recreate the oxygen-water wear and tear, causing accelerated oxidation which they could manipulate into differentiating shades and shapes.

If you become an owner of the sixties-styled David Derksen Design ‘Transcience’ rad reflectors, objects in the mirror will be as cool and cutting-edge as they appear!