Is ‘David After Dentist' the Next Big YouTube Hit?

 - Feb 12, 2009
References: youtube & youtube
There is a new YouTube video whose popularity is ready to rival the beloved "Charlie Bit My Finger." Added only on January 30, 2009, "David After Dentist" is already at 7,118,372 views and climbing. For context, "Charlie Bit My Finger," which was added a year ago, is at 80,308,832 views with many imitation videos cramming YouTube property. 

The plot of "David After Dentist" is simple. See little David. David goes to dentist. Dad brings video camera. David gets front tooth pulled. David gets high from anesthesia. David finds a new dimension in the back seat of his car. High-larious.

David, who is only 7 years old, is adorable and funny, asking his Dad, "Is this real life?" although he is a little frightened by this new feeling, wondering if it will last forever. 

YouTube members’ comments have been positive, except one which compares the video to child abuse. David’s father writes in the video’s description that he only brought along his flip video camera to capture the "before and after" since David had been so nervous about going to the dentist. 

Step aside Charlie! It was funny that you bit your baby brother’s finger, but maybe you would have been funnier if you were on a high from laughing gas. There’s a new kid in town, and his name is David. 

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