Jeffrey Brown Depicts a Struggling Darth Vader Father Figure

 - May 29, 2013
References: lostateminor
In his newest picture book, 'Star Wars: Vader's Little Princess' artist Jeffrey Brown depicts a Darth Vader father-figure as he struggles to raise a teenage Princess Leia. Some illustrations are available online and demonstrate just how tongue-in-cheek and overall hilarious Brown's work can be.

One such illustration depicts Princess Leia yelling at her "dark father," saying "I hate you!" This is definitely typical teenager behavior but when paired with galactic sci-fi characters it becomes a whole lot funnier. Another hilarious illustration depicts Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia kissing while Darth Vader yells in protest. It's hard for any father to lose his little girl to another boy but it's even harder when that other boy happens to be your son and your little gir's brother.

'Vader's Little Princess' is sure to be a hilarious take on the Star Wars franchise and perfect for any sci-fi fans who are looking for something to satiate their Star Wars hunger.