The 'Never Happen' Editorial was Shot by Darío Vázquez

 - Feb 24, 2014
The lively 'Never Happen' fashion series for online publication Fucking Young! was shot by talented photographer Darío Vázquez. This androgynous series features extremely fitted fashion, patterned apparel and vibrant jackets. These looks, put together by stylist Ilduara Vandall, were designed to grab attention.

In a few of these shots the featured model sports a cat-covered sweat suit, which is peculiar and eye-catching. Cat memes have been popular on the Internet this year, especially grumpy cat, which makes this unusual outfit all the more appealing to pop culture fans. Another outfit seen in this series features a cherry red raincoat. Soft-colored button-up shirts and snake skin pants can also be found in this bold editorial.

The Never Happen series plays around with androgynous fashion in a fun way.