Matvey Lykov Keeps a Straight Face for Dapper Dan Spring 2011

Model Matvey Lykov shows off his killer poker face for photographer Vassilis Karidis in the Dapper Dan Spring 2011 issue. The magazine's creators, Karidis and Nicholas Georgiou, orchestrated the shoot from start to finish, opting for an all-black array of fashion from Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens and other top menswear designers.

In each image, Matvey Lykov refrains from so much as even hinting a smile, adding a measure of severity to the already-restrained black-and-white images. The photos that depict Lykov strolling through an outdoor, urban area are devoid of other people, giving them an even more apocalyptic feel.

This Dapper Dan Spring 2011 editorial blends a post-apocalyptic urban landscape with sever yet sophisticated fashion and an artistic palette of black and white.