Daniel Rozin's Abstract Installations Respond to Motion

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: smoothware & todayandtomorrow.net
Since mirrors are defined as a 'reflecting surface,' they don't necessarily have to reflect specific features but an overall form; that is exactly what Daniel Rozin's mirrors do. He has created two unique interactive art installations that latch onto the more interpretative definition of a mirror.

For instance, Daniel Rozin's Angles Mirror is made up of what appears to be yellow clock hands that move in rhythmic geometric forms until a person steps in front of it. Once that happens, it mimics the person's silhouette through its 'clock hands.'

Daniel Rozin's second creation, aptly dubbed the Fan Mirror, is much more abstract. Made up of a colorful array of oriental fans that form one large fan, they open and close depending on where the person is standing.