The Hypnotizing Daniel Canogar 'Sikka Magnum' Installation

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: danielcanogar & thecreatorsproject
This Daniel Canogar audio visual installation, names 'Sikka Magnum' projects 360 old DVD's with images of classic films which have been remixed. The result is a spectacular kaleidoscope of colors and images.

The artist has a fascination with using old materials in his art works. The juxtaposition of these two mediums is an interesting one and makes the viewer ponder the speed at which technology is consumed and regarded obsolete in the modern day and our love affair with the cutting edge. Aesthetically, the DVDs create an interesting surface to project on as they twinkle and shimmer individually.

The artist says his latest works, "Through my work I try to bring dead materials back to life, reveal their secrets, revive the collective memory they contain to construct an accurate portrait of a society and an age."