Three Little Easter Eggs by Damira Kalajzic is a Series of Eerie Illustrations

 - Apr 24, 2011
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Three Little Easter Eggs by Damira Kalajzic is an impromptu Easter art project the young Croatian designer staged while her mother was sleeping. The three illustrated eggs are adorned with expressive faces that register various stages of shock, happiness and derangement.

After the initial photos of the three Easter eggs together, Damira Kalajzic took several photos in which the eggs' shells were cracked to reveal their hard-boiled interior. This shattered aesthetic adds a bizarre twist to the photo and gives each odd face a new level of macabre whimsy -- it's as if the eggs are heads that have been split open.

While most Easter egg displays feature happy themes, vibrant colors and innocent illustrations, Three Little Eggs by Damira Kalajzic heads in the opposite direction for a delightful, if a bit morbid, photo set.