These Dale Dunning Models are Made from Various Metal Pieces

 - May 27, 2012
References: daledunning.typepad & weburbanist
These genderless faces by sculpture Dale Dunning look like modern adaptations of Han Solo's frozen in carbonite statue from Star Wars. The artist meticulously arranges a variety of different metal pieces in order to create a generic model of a face which appears to be caught in the midst of dreaming or on the verge of waking up.

Dale Dunning's sculptures are composed of various items, some are made up of moveable type faces while others are made out of welded nuts and bolts. The subject of the models is always the same. In reference to his chosen model Dunning says, "the head is universally recognized, easy to identify with. We live in our heads, see, feel, and experience the world in our head."

Dunning's work takes a familiar object and explores it using a myriad of different materials, affecting how the pieces connect to one another and thus how the work as a whole changes form.