Text Taylor Increases Happiness By Asking Your Highlight of the Day

 - May 24, 2016
References: texttaylor.io & betalist
This text-based service helps you to practice daily reflection and feel happier. Text Taylor sends you a message at the end of every day asking you what your favorite moment of the day was, in an endeavor to enhance your wellbeing long-term and increase happiness.

Similar to the Kardashian habit of asking family members to say their 'peak' and 'pit,' this ritual encourages daily reflection. Text Taylor is essentially a reminder to do so, but as you continue to use the service, it will also remind you of past positive experiences, such as your best moment on the same day the week before. This will also serve to generate gratitude and give you perspective.

This startup is using the convenience of mobile platforms to cash in on the lucrative wellness industry with a simple yet effective idea.