The Daft Punk Deluxe Edition Boxes Are Packed with Treats for Fans

The 'Random Access Memories' Daft Punk Deluxe Edition Sets can now be pre-ordered and will ship in early December, making it a fantastic gift for Daft Punk fans.

Daft Punk's latest album, 'Random Access Memories' has been getting a ton of play over the summer and apparently a lot of album sales too. The album from the French duo has sold about 3 million copies since its release in May this year. To celebrate its amazing success, the Deluxe Box Set will feature high-quality audio and video files, schematic robot posters, a hardcover book containing images of the recording process and vinyls of the album, to name a few of the things inside.

The Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set is available for $275, which is hardly a price for true Daft Punk fans to pay.