'Dads Are The Original Hipster' Compares Past and Present

The Tumblr site 'Dads Are the Original Hipster' takes a look at this parental figure and shows us how he was hipster before hipster was cool.

Taking vintage photos of fathers from their glory days, the Tumblr site analyzes just how hipster each father was. From mustaches paired with black, thickly rimmed glasses to drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and wearing incredibly small running shorts, the hipsterific images on this Tumblr site point out that the things defining today's hipsters have been done before.

The site itself is ironic in regards to hipsters, who are known for liking things before they are cool. Clearly, hipsters may need to check out the 'Dads are the Original Hipster' website and realize that dads truly did it first.