The Ozone

 - Jun 28, 2008   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: dvice
Özkan Koral has designed a new style of car, foregoing the traditional four-wheeled, longer-than-wide vehicle we commonly associate with transportation. This design concept for a Peugeot hydrogen-powered car is a cylinder on wheels. Two wheels, actually. Two wheels that are independently driven by separate motors. I'm not sure how passengers get in but, I bet it turns on a dime.

Implications - Automotive technology is always on the rise and changing. With gas prices on the rise and an abundance of cars on the road, there needs to be more done to address these major issues. Creating compact reusable fuel automobiles is helping fix the major problems we see on roads today. Businesses should invest in alternatives to gasoline to fix the issues drivers are noticing on their commutes.