Cyclodelic Accessories Rescues Cyclists from Fashion Faux Pas

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: cyclodelic.wordpress & coolhunting
Cyclodelic accessories are the answer to my prayers. Ever since I purchased my new used bike (unfortunately, the emphasis is definitely on ‘used’), I have been riding it everywhere, almost every day of the week. And although I admit I haven’t thoroughly looked around the city for some fashionable bike accessories, by now I was sure to stumble upon something…anything! Nope.

I now see a glimmer of hope (or maybe it’s just glitter) with Amy Fleuriot’s Cyclodelic accessories described as "a girl who tests Ridgeback hybrids with two goldfish in the front basket," who has at least, according to Karen Day, Amy Fleuriot, along with Susan Buck, has artfully combined style with function, to the relief of female cyclists across the globe. Thank you, Cyclodelic accessories, thank you.