Cybertek Wings

 - Aug 14, 2008   Updated: Apr 27 2011
References: artificeclothing & coolest-gadgets
Wouldn't it be cool to have 6-foot wide, pneumatic-powered wings that light up? I don't think so, either. But if you do find yourself needing a pair of carbon fiber, superhero-wannabe wings, you can order a pair from Artifice Clothing for about $1,000. You can even choose your favorite color (red, green, yellow, purple, or white) of wingtips.

Implications - The wings have an exoskeleton look, which means there aren't feathers or substance of any sort to cover up the anatomical, bare-bones look. The cool part is that these do actually open up automatically: load the wing tanks with C02 cartridges, flick the switch, and the wings will spread. The wings will extend/retract about seven times before the pressure must be recharged (five to ten minutes per charge).