Rolf's Cutting Porcelain Collection Explores Hidden Realities

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: & cribcandy
Like a strange form of surgery for ceramic objects, the Cutting Porcelain collection is filled with common household objects that have been split in half with a saw. From Victorian teapots to decorative vases, nothing is spared from going under the knife.

Conceived and created by industrial designer and artist Rolf, the Cutting Porcelain collection explores the idea of hidden realities. Rolf explores this by placing ceramic objects in concrete mixture. Once that mixture has hardened, Rolf cross sections each block to reveal the inner, 'hidden' qualities of each object.

What Rolf has discovered is that each item in the Cutting Porcelain series is still identifiable as what it originally was, despite the fact that it cannot perform the function is was created to do. Its shape is what gives it away.