The Crayola Creator

 - Dec 4, 2008
References: crayolastore & princesslovespink
If you're a parent and you haven't heard of the Crayola Creator, listen up! Every mom and dad knows that most children have preference for certain crayon colors. When friends and siblings come into the picture, that extreme color favoring can be the prelude to some vicious feuds over the Crayola box.

Sabrina at had a brilliant idea to fix this problem. Having a four year old daughter herself, she understands all too well that some children only want to color in pink. Her solution? Order a box of custom crayons from Crayola!

Crayola lets you hand pick your personalized crayons, so you can make combos, like Sabrina did when she mixed Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink, a box which only cost $10.99.

What a great solution! I know as a child we would end up throwing out all the mustard yellows and much-too-dark forest greens, so this is an innovative way to keep kids happy and reduce waste!

Another super awesome Crayola innovation are the Mix 'Ems Markers. "All 16 markers can create 256 different color combinations. Just match any cap with any marker, press the button and the marker delivers a cool blend effect. Kids will want to try to create all 256 colors!"

That just sounds too good to be true!

Crayola has plenty of great gift ideas for under $20, so makes a fantastic place for Christmas shopping on a budget!

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