This Custom Camouflage Tech Can Be Used to Hide Urban Eyesores

 - May 23, 2014
References: & gizmodo
Researchers at MIT have developed what they call a custom camouflage algorithm that generates camouflage patterns that allow objects to be blend into any surroundings, and not only military-associated settings like jungles, deserts and mountains.

The technology will be able to utilize a series of images -- captured at various objects around the object that is to be hidden -- to generate a camouflage pattern that can be converted into a physical covering. This could be useful to hide urban eyesores such as electrical boxes in nice green parks or a rusty air conditioner sticking out of a beautiful historical building.

The custom camouflage technology is intended to make objects less noticeable at a glance. Tests conducted by the researchers found that objects hidden by these algorithms took more than three seconds to find.