Swenyo's Cubist Shelf Stores Decorative Objects and Plants

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: swenyo
Design retailer Swenyo specializes in smart and practical home decor solutions like this Cubist Shelf model which features a simple and modular design. The square-shaped shelving unit boasts a durable metal construction and feature an additional, smaller square on its top right corner.

This clever detail is fitted with a wooden pot, ideal for storing household plants effectively. This portable storage unit is lightweight and easy to hang on one's wall. The square-shaped unit is ideal for storing loose or decorative objects and helps to keep bedrooms or living areas organized.

Additionally, Swenyo's Cubist Shelf product is ideal for small areas that lack storage space. These include cluttered kitchen corners or entryway hallways that are in need of a focal point that also helps home owners stay organized.