Crypto DM Lets Streamers and Influencers Earn Ether from Fans

 - May 24, 2018
References: & producthunt
Platforms are beginning to recoginze that in order to flourish, they need to provide avenues for streamers and influencers to earn money, but Crypto DM is a tool that can supplement for the platforms that aren't doing a good enough job. The messaging system lets fans send creators, streamers, and influencers payments through the Ether cryptocurrency.

Recent controversies have shown the inherent instability that comes with earning a living through online followers. Issues ranging from privacy and regulation to censorship and demonetization threaten many creators' primary sources of income. With Crypto DM, those creators can bypass the inherent flaws of their platforms entirely. The tool is easy to use for both creators and their followers, and it provides a direct conduit whereby fans can show their appreciation and pay for creators' attention.