Get Emotional in the Big Apple with Crying New York Tumblr

Crying New York is a Tumblr that locates ideal places for you to shed a few tears. It's no secret that the metropolitan way of life can be stressful -- from difficult navigation to astronomical expenses -- and sometimes you just need to let your frustrations out with a good, hearty sob.

This hilarious-yet-probably-practical guide offers sage advice written in a witty and relatable tone. If you feel the need to get theatrical, it suggests you meander over to a pay phone, which, far from being obsolete, is an excellent place to host a nervous breakdown. The review recommends, "People will think you’re actually on the phone - so be sure to have at it!!!! I personally like to pretend I’m on a conference call with every person that has ever broken my heart, but feel free to make it your own!!"

For a more intimate production, you can head on over to H&M's spacious dressing rooms on 1328 Broadway, where the 360-mirrors will "provide you with a wonderful, dramatic look at yourself weeping from multiple angles." No matter your mood or crying style, the Crying New York tumblr has got you covered with a myriad of places for a no-holds-barred bawling session.