The Crevice Lamp Only Emits Light From a Slice Down One Side

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: mariaaltukhova & designspotter
Can you picture that experience of being inside of a pitch black room and looking towards a slightly opened door through which bright light pours in? This is precisely the image that inspired the Crevice Lamp. The contemporary light fixture takes the archetypal, yet somewhat stylized, silhouette of a table lamp with a lampshade, yet it emits its glow in a very unusual way.

Maria Altukhova sculpted the piece as a voluptuous three dimensional form, expressing elegant curvatures and rounded edges in the glossy ebony material. Now angle the object appropriately and you'll see a gaping slit down one side, from top to bottom. Inside is a bright whitewashed finish that encourages the reflection of installed LEDs. Despite its inspiration, the Crevice Lamp creates ambient rather than harsh illumination.