Cignifi Uses Mobile Use Data to Determine Credit Scores

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: cignifi & springwise
Credit score determination for people who don't have a credit history is understandably hard and risky for institutions that require it.

Founders of Cignifi have figured out a way to determine credit ratings of these people through behavioral analysis. The data is conceived from people's mobile usage data.

Cignifi stresses the privacy of people and states that the credit score data are created "from a combination of behavioral and time-related attributes, but do not rely on any location data or content information from voice calls or texts." The service is certainly one that will be put in used by banks in no time.

Although indirectly, an innovation such as this reminds us all the importance of mindfulness we present for all our decisions as technology will predictably to find a way to track them for various reasons in the future.