The Chocolate Revolver is a Perfect Copy of an Antiquated Cowboy Gun

 - Jan 20, 2016
References: amazon & foodiggity
The Chocolate Revolver is an edible dessert creation that creatively replicates a cowboy gun entirely out of food. The detailed chocolate bar captures the shape, detailed embellishments and life-size of the revolver as it would look if it was made from metal rather than cocoa.

Using sweet cocoa to recreate realistic objects can easily be done using molds that the chocolate is placed inside to replicate a shape. The Chocolate Revolver is an exact copy of the infamous cowboy gun seen in Western films. The chocolate weapon measures in at just under 10-inches in length and is roughly 1.5-inches in thickness of solid milk chocolate. This would make an ideal gift to give to someone that collects guns, enjoys Western films or simply loves eating copious amounts of cocoa treats.