Remember when country music was all about the simple life? They were About Living on Love, Fishing in the Dark, how much you Love this Bar, about that Whisky Girl or your old Red Rag Top. Things are shifting in the music genre, and now Brad Paisley has even taken things "Online."

Unfortunately the embed is disabled for the music video, but you can still check it out here.

Online is about how the internet let's people be whoever they want. Through social networking communities, they can fully become one with their avatars, and live the virtual life they've always wanted. Country has always been about real life, and, as unfortunate as it is, half of our real lives are being spent in online worlds.

Tim McGraw is probably shaking his head, saying, "I miss back when."

Paisley hosted a contest to let users submit their own videos for the song before its July debut. Check out one user's entry embedded below! For those who are just as amused as I am, here's a few more: