Idiotarod ‘09 Takes Over New York City

 - Jan 30, 2009
References: ianwhalen & gothamist
No, the title isn’t a typo. This is not an article about the Iditarod, the Alaskan dog-sledding race. Friends, this is the Idiotarod. There are delicate differences--instead of Alaska, the race takes place in New York (or another large city). And shopping carts, not sleds, are the preferred method of transportation. Instead of dogs pulling the carts, it’s "idiots" tied to the carts.

The 2009 New York City Idiotarod is just around the corner, taking place on Saturday the 31st. In recent years, the NYPD and many residents have grown tired of the zany antics--items such as eggs, toilet paper and rotten fish are regularly left in the race’s wake--so the exact start and end points are subject to change until the race commences.

Just to be clear, it’s not just a race--these costumed idiots take prizes in esteemed categories like "Most Surprising Completion of the Race Despite An Unwieldy Course," "The Purple Heart Award" and "Sabotage." So watch your backs, idiots.

Anyone in NYC hoping to have something to upload to their Flickr stream would do well to scout around; previous years have seen carts costumed with themes like ‘Top Gun,’ mimes, bees, and Bill Cosby.

I’m currently taking bets on how many Election-inspired carts there will be--Sarah Palins, Hope-Mobiles, etc.

Good luck to all the idiots out there.