Maro the Cosplay Chef Cat Combines Authentic Food and Outfits

 - Apr 18, 2017
References: instagram & eater
It's easy to see why Maro the cosplay chef cat is so popular on Instagram. The Japanese kitty, found at the handle @rinne172, combines all of the Internet's favorite things into one social media account. Those things are: cute cats, cosplay and delicious food. What's more is that Maro's owner goes the extra mile, matching the cosplay chef cat's outfit to the food on its plate.

The result is a series of ridiculously cute photos where Maro is dressed as everything from an Italian chef to a Japanese sushi chef. The fact that all the food in the photos looks delectable only adds to the appeal of the star cosplay chef cat. Of course, dressing pets up for social media photoshoots is nothing new, but the culinary aspect of Maro's account helps it stand out from the pack.