RKNL Masters Modern Design With Minimalist Slabs of Simplicity

 - Apr 2, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: rknl.nl
RKNL is a minimalist furniture company. Concentrating their sizable efforts to generate minimalist styles, they focus on three products, each one super sleek.

Featured here are RKNL's coffee table with space for magazines and books, a small table, and a wall mounted cabinet with rounded corners, all classic in their beauty and unique design.

Implications - The popularity of free-flowing, minimalist design is expanding. Companies like Apple have mastered the art of simplicity and because of this, their clients are some of the most loyal. Since they offered something that was clean and tidy in an industry clouded with clutter, they created a consumer base that didn't previously exist. It's imperative for every business to ask themselves not what they can do to make their existing product better. Instead, they should ask what market's needs are left unsatisfied with their existing product and is there a new one that could serve them better.