This Quirky Cord Organizer from Bone Collection is Your Friend

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: jaymug & incrediblethings
If you've ever taken your earphones out of your pocket in a tangled mess, an earphone cord organizer could make your day-to-day life that little bit easier. It's just an unfortunate law of the universe that however carefully you place your earphones away in your bag or pocket, they will come out in the tightest, most unmanageable ball of horror.

This is why the 'Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord Organizer' by Bone Collection is your friend. Available in gray, black, pink and orange -- not only does this little guy look great, but when you wrap your earphones around him, it'll look like you've just added more Mummy bandages. Mind blown yet? It should be. This is a great gift for music fanatics who are never without their iPod or MP3 player.