Connect2Car MFC

 - Apr 25, 2007
References: connect2car & connect2car
Last month, Trend Hunter featured Real Remote Controlled Cars. This isn't quite the same, but it is pretty cool.

Connect2Car's MFC V Series allows you to control any electrical accessory in the vehicle via Bluetooth wireless device. Accessories include alarm systems, remote starters, window modules, door locks, trunk release, neon lights, actuators, motors, power seats, sun roof, door poppers, external ignition or fuel disable for extra security, hydraulics and air-ride suspensions.

Designed for practical everyday use to extreme control management from the one device you always carry with you. Reduce keychain clutter and maximize the versatility of your cell phone, from regular Bluetooth technology equipped phones to the Windows Mobile and Palm devices.

The systems run for about $399.99 for the MFC V2 (Bluetooth controller) and $499.99 for the MFC V3 (Bluetooth and complete alarm system with remote start) on the website or at most retailers.