Concrete Block Magnets Can Construct Refrigerator Collages

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: kalkid & yankodesign
Magnets provide the illusion of lightness with the way that they easily adhere cards, photos and documents all over the face of your fridge. Unexpectedly then, these Concrete Block Magnets exude a hefty sense of weightiness that makes the task that they perform look like even more of a marvel.

Tsai Hsin-Huang's delighftul doodads would be equally appreciated at the office. They would stick fast to filing cabinets and metal cupboards and reinforce the importance of displaying the papers beneath them.

As discernible miniature bricks that are made from actual concrete, they embody an aesthetic bulkiness that makes them ideal for use against the most valuable items. Sold in packs of six for just $12, Kalki'd Concrete Block Magnets offer a playfully decorative bang for your buck.