Concentre de Vie is a Sensationally Adaptable Seating System

One could easily appreciate the great value of the Concentré de Vie sofa. A small apartment or sitting room would be able to fit the loveseat-sized furnishing in fairly easily, and you get so much more than a simple two-seater with it.

Matali Crasset collaborated with Campeggi to produce this playful piece, beginning with a rigid frame-like base that can contain all of the separate components. It comes with two L-shaped chairs and two squat square cushions. These can be set into the frame to offer a plushy sitting surface for a pair of people, flanked by soft armrests.

Alternatively, the upholstered units can be taken out of the Concentré de Vie sofa and arranged elsewhere in the room as separate loungers and footrests. The empty base even offers a rectangular pad that can be used as a spare mattress for guests.