'Sun Cubes' Space Satellite Power Technology for Homes

 - Jan 1, 2010
References: heliossolarcpv & earth2tech
The ‘SunCube’ is a box fitted with large aperture and short focal length lenses called Fresnel lenses on one side, and triple junction solar cells on the other. Each Suncube is mounted on a dual axis tracking system that tracks the sun via an on-board microprocessor.  This way, the Suncube gets maximum solar exposure for power generation.

Because the energy is concentrated, a solar power array using Suncubes can be smaller and less costly than flat panel solar power systems. Concentrated solar power in the form of concentrated photovoltaics is also more efficient than other types.

Australia’s Suncube is partnering with companies around the world that want to license, distribute, and produce the units. Helios Solar in Denver is the only licensee currently in the U.S..