Resin is Removed From the Common Fibers Allowing for Bending

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: commonfibers & commonfibers
Using the composite material of carbon fiber, the Common Fibers wallet was developed to be able to bend and hinge the sturdy material at specific points and hold its shape.

Often used to produce parts of planes, automotive parts and in the engineering of structures, the CF-LEX™ technology relies on a laser to ablate the resin from the polymer’s fibers so as to be contorted at different angles and positions. By removing the resin from carbon fiber, the technology enables the material to be reshaped and reconfigured. Once removed, the durable material still retains 80 per cent of its original strength, or equivalent to about 800 lbs per inch of hinge, according to Common Fibers.

The Common Fibers wallet is the first in a line of products set to be offered in the Spring of 2014 on its Kickstarter page. Other products that the team hope to produce using the same technology include laptop cases, iPad protectors, watch bands, automotive parts and wing flaps.