'A Comet Lands in Brooklyn' Commemorates the Rosetta Spacecraft Landing

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: studiokca & fubiz.net
'A Comet Lands in Brooklyn' is an art installation at the Brooklyn Bridge Park designed to resemble an actual comet that crash landed near the banks of the East River. The "comet" was built by StudioKCA to commemorate the success of Rosetta spacecraft's mission to land on a comet. Rosetta was launched in 2004, and it took more than a decade for the spacecraft to complete its mission.

A Comet Lands in Brooklyn is built from 67 folded iron sheets pocked with craters, giving it an oblong and metallic shape that resembles the celestial body. However, the designers at StudioKCA took some artistic license on the installation, adding lights in the craters and including steam jets to create the illusion that the comet has freshly landed.