'Colors of Feelings' Translates Human Emotions Into Colorful Visuals

 - Oct 10, 2015
References: vimeo & featureshoot
'The Colors of Feelings' is a wonderfully nuanced and extremely visually stimulating photo series that was put together by the noted French photographer and filmmaker Thomas Blanchard.

For this particular photo series, Blanchard was looking to take common emotions -- things like joy, grief, fear, longing, nostalgia and so on and so forth -- and translate them into imagery. His underlying message is that all our responses, feelings are emotions are fluid and ever-changing, much like the pain and oil he uses on his canvas.

Each image uses wonderful mixes of colors, swirly patterns and dotted elements that make them gorgeous to look at. The Colors of Feelings aims to convey that no matter how hard you try, your state of mind can never truly stand still and is always fluid, like the colors in these images.