These Architects Imagined What a Colonized Mars Might Look Like

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: designcurial & psfk
Architects Guillermo Trotti and Brent Sherwood recently devised a series of preliminary sketches that provide a glimpse of what a colonized Mars might look like in the future. While humans are still many years from colonizing the Red Planet, these sketches use existing scientific knowledge to imagine what a functional martial community might look like.

Trotti and Sherwood's sketches depict a fully enclosed habitat, with three inflatable housing units that are connected via airlocks. These tubular abodes would be made of a heavy-duty fabric that would maintain safe pressure and breathable air. The architects imagine that early colonizers would continue to build up this settlement and eventually create more permanent structures over time.

Although these sketches of a colonized Mars are fictional, these works demonstrate our ongoing fascination with the Red Planet and the continued research on the idea of a functional human colony in space.