The Cola vs Water Infographic Will Have You Thirsty for Aqua

 - Jul 13, 2012
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The Cola vs Water Infographic will have you considering reaching for a bottle of H20 instead of that sugary soda at your next work meeting. If you are one those individuals who hates drinking water -- it's okay, I'm with you on that one -- consider glancing over the number of benefits that come with consuming pure aqua.

Your body is essentially made of water, thus requires liquids in order to function properly. While juices, sodas and other beverages do contain water, they also come with added sugars and caffeine that are not beneficial. Drinking aqua helps make your skin feel plumper, increases oxygen in your blood and promotes weight loss.

The best part about water? It is cheap, no calories or fat and overall the best way to replenish your body. The Cola vs Water Infographic gives you some insightful food (or water) for thought.